Working together well is difficult, and I often see it going wrong.

The people are sometimes the strength of your organisation and strategy, but they can be its weakness as well.

Research shows that when people work well together, that immediately leads to positive results such as a higher productivity, a higher profitability, an increase in sales, less turnover, and less absenteeism. (Gallup, 2016)

I focus on people as a tool, to make them work well together – so your organisation performs better.

Because what's good for people is good for business.

I help with:

Studios & Agencies:

Differentiate & Perform

Apart from what you make, your culture is the strongest differentiator between you and others. I help you create a strong culture so clients understand why they want to work with you, and the most talented people know why they want to work for you. When you’ve got the people working for the clients, I help them work together well to ensure they deliver their best work.

Start-Ups & Scale-Ups:

Growing right

You’re growing. In a few years you’ll double, triple, even quadruple in size. Now is the critical time to define your culture, so that it can help your organisation’s growth in the right direction. Maybe your organisation grew a bit too fast the past time, and things got out of hand. Get your culture under control, so people work together well again, and continue growing.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Making integrations work

The integration might make sense from a financial, market or product perspective, but culture is often overlooked. Research shows culture was the cause of 30% of all failed integrations. Moreover, people spend two hours a day worrying and gossiping about the merger acquisition. The organisation’s people are essential in an integration’s success – or failure. I help you make the integration a success.


Perform as a team

Teams often don’t perform because they lack trust, are not aligned, and don’t give constructive feedback. Therefore most teams spend hours on interpersonal conflicts that distract them from doing the actual work. I help teams perform again, so they can produce their best work.

Consultancy & Advice:

Navigate yourself

As a leader you make or break culture. Know how to create the right conditions to build the right culture. Understand how your behaviour and thoughts impact others, and know when and how to engage and take others with you. I’ll share my knowledge with you, so that you’ll succeed by yourself.

I have worked with:

What people say about me:

"Working with Marc is an absolute joy. His insights in teamwork and human behaviour are simple to understand, even if you're 'new to all of it'. Marc helped our Management Team define clear obstacles in our way of working, and more importantly, we learned ways to better connect as human beings. Building more trust and creating clarity will definitely be beneficial to all teams that have to navigate complicated tasks together. Marc's your go-to guy!"

– Maartje Weijers
Head of Culture at Boomerang Agency

"Marc has a talent for creating a safe atmosphere. An atmosphere in which it feels safe to share personal information. As a result, he knows how to get to the heart of the behavior that opposes necessary change in order to achieve positive results. It enables organizations to work from their strengths."

– Rudy van Belkom
Founder of Het Nieuwe Kiezen

"Really super to work with Marc! I asked him to facilitate a 24-hour session with twentytwo participants from sixteen different organizations. Marc quickly builds trust, energy and good vibe in the team. Our goal was to create a solution for a complex social problem. The creative techniques and energizers Marc provided us with were most welcome. I am very happy with the outcome of the session and will surely ask Marc again for future events."

– Miquette Vossen
Senior Marketeer at Interpolis

A selection of my work:

Culture Creation & Change Management
– Learning Module

For Hyper Island's talented Business Developer students, I designed and taught a six week learning module about Organisational Culture & Change Management. Having taught the students in Stockholm for a week, Covid-19 forced me to redesign the module into a remote one, while ensuring the students would learn everything they needed. All together with a real client brief, and guest lectures from external speakers.

Culture Canvas
– Tool

Culture is abstract, it’s intangible, it’s a gut feeling; Right? I believe it's not. Culture can be very concrete. That’s why I developed the Culture Canvas. No fluffiness, no vague values: Culture becomes as easy as filling in a piece of paper – easy to understand for everyone, concrete to work with, and tangible to change. Check it out on

Humanizing Organizations
– Event

Last year, I organized the first event of Humanizing Organizations. I invited people that inspire me, to share with forty othershow they humanize their organization; Something I always strive for when working with my clients. This wasn’t your usual sit and listen event. Attendant or speaker: everybody was equally important, sharing experiences and knowledge with each other – leading to an evening that was most definitely inspiring.

Using smartphones safely in traffic
– Facilitation

For Interpolis, I facilitated a group of twenty-five experts of behavioural scientists, insurers, designers, and developers, for two days to come up with a solution for safe use of smartphones in traffic. Our solution was presented to the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure, and is now being developed!

Changing work
– Presentation

The past century, work changed from doing manual labour to sharing ideas. And if you can’t share them, your organization misses out. Therefore I believe in a human organisation with psychological safety as a fundament. Frankwatching invited me to share my thoughts on humanizing organizations on their Digital Workspace Event.